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Nathan Claire offers products and services that allow our clients and partners compete much more effectively in increasingly digital economies.
Our products incorporate cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and business analytics.


Technology that makes life much better

In an increasingly digital world, our solutions turn threats into opportunities by ensuring
that the changes outside your organization do not outpace your ability and agility.


We are best known for our professional products
but our services rendered alongside or even independently are just as remarkable

Monitoring Maturity Program

We offer a range of technical and advisory services with the industry-leading Dynatrace Platform as the foundation


Nathan Claire’s consultants have the expertise required to configure adaptive reconciliation rules that enforce your financial controls

Fintech Initiatives

Our algorithms score both “ability to repay” and “willingness to repay”, allowing lenders offer risk-adjusted pricing to avoid adverse selection


The huge data generated by the software products and services that Nathan Claire provides gives our clients insight to valuable business analytics.

Big data Management

We have developed a set of strategies, tools and capabilities for the acquisition and management of big data.

Scorecard Development

Nathan Claire helps clients build scoring algorithms based on self-learning neural networks

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With our top class people of global stardards it comes as no suprise that Nathan Claire is a force to reckoned with in all the countries we operate in

Chibuzo Ene
Chibuzo Ene
Chief Executive Officer

Chibuzo has 27 years of experience and a 100% success track record managing...

Mark Sibthorpe
Mark Sibthorpe
Independent Director

Mark is the founder of FSIM.ca as well as Banknews.tv, a Canadian analytics company for banks...

Fola Kuforiji
Fola Kuforiji
Independent Director

Fola holds a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, an MBA from Lagos Business School...

Nneka Ene
Nneka Ene
Executive Director, West Africa

Nneka has over 17 years of relevant business management, accounts and project...


The convenience offered by mobile and web apps has compressed the use of physical cash and expanded digital transaction volumes, leading to increased pressure on IT systems. Early warnings and automatic responses are crucial for service availability, overall business efficiency and increased returns on technology investments.

Coined from the use of towers in the old days for observation, communication and response to threats, Tower is a combination of best-in-class software and expertise for chaos engineering, full-stack application performance monitoring, customer journey and experience monitoring, actionable intelligence and auto-remediation. A no-code API-based integration engine seamlessly connects all these components that are required to deliver an optimized AIOps platform to businesses of all sizes.

Real-time insights and calls to action are sent to the right persons via email, SMS and on-demand reports. Clients that choose the premium “Diagnostics as a Service” option will have Nathan Claire’s subject matter experts as their first responders.

The whole world, down to the remotest village, depends directly or indirectly on technology. The benefits are compelling further digitalization but a failing payment app or taxi hailing app may be the difference between life and death. The need to keep a responsive eye on the health of these critical systems that support daily living has never been more important, and Tower brings all the elements of an end to end AIOps solution together and affordably, even to small and new players.

Tower hardens clients’ entire service delivery environment and delivers additional benefits such as enriched data capital, dynamic business insights and better workforce management.

Tower delivers Monitoring as a Service, and Diagnostics as a Service, to clients across the world.

Application Performance Monitoring
Application Performance Monitoring

With the growing interconnectedness of technology, the siloed visibility provided through Application Performance Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring, Log Monitoring and Customer Experience Monitoring no longer suffices and has evolved into enterprise monitoring on a single pane of glass.

Our technology performance monitoring solutions go beyond length and breadth of traditional approaches to provide a single unified enterprise-class observability into your current and evolving IT environment, including your core business applications, web and mobile apps, databases, services, processes, on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure, network devices, ATM, POS and IoT devices, security vulnerabilities and connections to 3rd parties and external endpoints. We correlate full stack observability data, infrastructure metrics, transaction traces, logs and much more together in one integrated platform that delivers root cause determination, actionable intelligence and insightful visualizations. In addition, we analyze real user activity to reveal how technical problems are impacting your customers and revenues.

Your teams will have visibility into all your on-premise and hosted applications, technology stack as well as user activity and customer experience to obtain deep insights into:

All our software solutions are backed by our certified implementation, training and support resources to ensure that your objectives are met, and that your immediate and long term returns on investments are optimized.

Customer Digital Experience Management
Customer Digital Experience Management

It is inefficient to manage your business by depending on assumptions about individual customers’ interests, needs, wants or values based on a “persona” that has been assigned according to demographic attributes. Leading digital companies have learnt that the key to understanding customers lies in the quantitative insights revealed by their actual behavior. For example, a lot can be inferred from a customer who pays out over $5,000 each month and hardly receives. This information is more relevant than the customer’s gender or age. Also, you cannot rely on your customers to raise the red flags that help you validate your assumptions and therefore manage retention or churn.

It is 100% efficient however, to identify these red flags by capturing customers’ behavior and outcomes and analyzing their digital footprint. In digital transaction processing especially, actions still speak louder than words, and frustrated customers often say nothing at all.

As control and experience moves away from internal staff to external customers and partners, service quality can only be measured and improved by measuring and improving the experience of those customers and partners.  Digital Experience Management (DXM) is the set of tools and processes that makes this possible by providing actual process metrics, rather than customer-inputted satisfaction scores.

These process metrics capture the crashes, error rates, turnaround times, delays, queue lengths, elapsed time to resolution and other attributes that objectively quantify customer satisfaction at individual customer, product, service, loyalty segment, geography and other aggregate levels. In addition, process metrics give customer service, product management and software development teams the information they need to maximize productivity while reducing costs. Whilst CSAT and NPS scores are about perceptions, process metrics are completely objective. Therefore, comparing both results tells you whether a problem (if any) is a technical, a marketing or relationship management issue.

Perhaps the most important benefit of digital transformation is that it gives organizations the ability to create new revenue streams in ways and pace that can never be matched by analogue/brick and mortar operations. Increasing the effectiveness, ease and emotion that customers enjoy by just one point can equal millions of dollars in incremental revenue. Therefore, organizations that leverage customer behavior data to generate behavioral insights outperform their peers by 85 percent in sales growth and more than 25 percent in gross margin.

At Nathan Claire Africa, we understand that organizations will only invest in software and services that move the needle on revenue and customer service KPIs. Merely improving customer satisfaction is not enough. So, beyond all the talk, we have built practical and easy-to-deploy solutions that accelerate digital transformation and help organizations automate strategies to retain customers, acquire new ones and increase share of wallet.