Collaboration: Our clients’ success depends on collaboration. Intelligent minds thinking and working in harmony to develop solutions to articulated objectives or problems. We work with our clients to find answers to questions such as:

  1. Are our decisions and spending leading us towards, rather than away from, the global direction and future of technology?
  2. What do we save and gain (cash, people, time) by embracing, rather than resisting, the future direction of technology?
  3. Which of our mission-critical applications are not future-proof and how do we resolve this?
  4. Do we have the visibility required to fully stabilize all existing applications and technologies, and to manage upgrades or migrations with little or no disruptions to our business?
  5. Can we dynamically track all the technologies running within the enterprise as well as their risk profile?
  6. Are we recruiting, training, and building capacity for the future of technology?


The inevitable shift to cloud technologies and mobile-first customer interfaces requires what will seem today to be radical thinking. At Nathan Claire, we are making decisions that will help our clients’ technology end up exactly where it ought to be in the next 3, 5 and 10 years. We approach
problems in novel ways and constantly challenge the status quo through our long-term program management strategies.

you can count on us


As a client-obsessed service provider, the objectives and requirements of our clients are always at the top of our minds. At every stage of engagement, from evaluation, to  procurement, to implementation, and on to program management, we engage broadly and deeply with our clients to provide as much value as possible to as many teams as possible.


In a world that is becoming increasingly competitive, Nathan Claire strives to hold ourselves and our affiliates to the highest standards of honesty, morality, and respect.

Responsibility: Nathan Claire is committed to giving back to communities through opportunity creation, mentoring programs and charitable activities.


Technology that makes life much better

In an increasingly digital world, our solutions turn threats into opportunities by ensuring
that the changes outside your organization do not outpace your ability and agility.