Simply put, our mission is to help our clients become greater.

Nathan Claire has made the strategic decision to continuously modernize our product and service range, and to assist our clients and markets to modernize their digital ecosystems and operations. Our solutions harden our clients’ entire service delivery environment and deliver additional benefits such as enriched data capital, dynamic business insights and better workforce management.

We enable our clients:
Build a comprehensive and enterprise-wide digital operations or control centre (DOC) that provides monitoring, insights, analytics and actionable intelligence for people, processes and technology Measure, visualize and improve the experience and productivity of your entire ecosystem including your internal teams, customers, vendors, partners, and other 3rd parties
Improve customer acquisition, retention and share of wallet by focusing on customer experience Segment and address customers by behavior, rather than demographics (gender, age, race, etc) Create and industrialize new revenue streams with agility that brick & mortar mindsets cannot comprehend nor match Automate or orchestrate 30% to 50% of tasks and refocus your best people on higher value tasks such as DevOps

We are Socially Conscious

Nathan Claire Africa is involved in philanthropic activities, working with disadvantaged communities in countries where we have a footprint.

We are also a proud sponsor of several sports events including the Nairobi Club Squash Open Tournament. Amongst other achievements, Nathan Claire was nominated for the 2015 Socrates Award by the European Business Assembly